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            Mislio sam da više ne radim ovakve liste – što sam stariji to se razočaranja samo gomilaju, muka mi je više od izneverenih očekivanja od svega, svačega i svakoga, pa tako i od horor filmova. Prestao sam još pre nekoliko godina pomno da pratim horor sajtove i njihove najave i vesti i trejlere; svratim možda jednom u 10-ak dana kad/ako mi nešto ćune, uglavnom da pogledam RIVJUE stvari koje su već gotove, a ne da čitam najave i obećanja i iščekivanja nečega što će tek (možda) da se pravi. Uostalom, od horora skoro ništa spektakularno više i ne očekujem, a naročito od američkog koji „snom mrtvijem spava“. Kao što ćete dole videti, većina mojih najočekivanijih stvari nastala je daleko od Holivuda...
            Ipak, postao sam žrtva lošeg društva: nateraše me NEKI ovde u komentarima i pomogoše da se prelomim, pa da ipak i ove godine sačinim listu horora koji bi mogli vredeti pažnje. Pa, dobro – evo šta me iz predstojeće ponude najviše zanima, po redosledu visine mojih očekivanja i nestrpljivosti da pogledam.

Lars von Trier

with: Matt Dillon, Riley Keough, Uma Thurman,  Bruno Ganz
THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT takes place in 1970s USA. We follow the highly intelligent Jack through 5 incidents and are introduced to the murders that define Jack’s development as a serial killer. We experience the story from Jack’s point of view. He views each murder as an artwork in itself, even though his dysfunction gives him problems in the outside world. Despite the fact that the final and inevitable police intervention is drawing ever near (which both provokes and puts pressure on Jack) he is – contrary to all logic – set on taking greater and greater chances.
Along the way we experience Jack’s descriptions of his personal condition, problems and thoughts through a recurring conversation with the unknown Verge – a grotesque mixture of sophistry mixed with an almost childlike self-pity and in-depth explanations of, for Jack, dangerous and difficult manoeuvres.
Neće ovo biti standardan horor; od reditelja ANTIHRISTA svakako ne treba očekivati horor u smislu na koji smo navikli; ali sigurno će biti ludo, provokativno, mračno, brutalno i veoma krvavo-gnjusno (ovo poslednje može se naslutiti po broju ljudi zaduženih za efekte maske) – nešto kao fon Trirova verzija THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, u smislu: dokazani Euro autor radi (anti)Amerikanu u arty-horror vizuri (nešto nalik tome je, iz azijske vizure, Čanvukov STOKER).


Rainer Sarnet

An award-winner for Best Cinematography at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and Estonia’s official entry to the 90th Academy Awards, NOVEMBER is a unique supernatural chiller.
In this tale of love and survival in 19th-century Estonia, peasant girl Liina [Rea Lest] longs for village boy Hans [Jörgen Liik], but Hans is inexplicably infatuated by the visiting German baroness that possesses all that he longs for. For Liina, winning Hans’ requited love proves incredibly complicated in this dark, harsh landscape where spirits, werewolves, plagues and the devil himself converge, where thievery is rampant and where souls are highly regarded, but come quite cheap. With alluring black-and-white cinematography, Rainer Sarnet vividly captures these motley lives as they toil to exist—is existence worth anything if it lacks a soul?
Estonska crnobela arty paganština, pola bajka, pola horor, 100% raj za oko i crnu dušu...

Hagazussa - A heathen's curse
Lukas Feigelfeld

With his minimalist but gorgeous graduation film (!), Lukas Feigelfeld puts himself firmly on the map.
A remote mountain area in 15th-century Austria. After her mother who was accused of witchcraft dies, Albrun is left an orphan. Decades later the same fate as her mother’s awaits her, especially when she turns out to be the mother of a fatherless child as well. But just when history threatens to repeat itself, Albrun hits back.

The old-German word Hagazussa roughly translates as witch. But don’t expect a German version of The Witch. The plot isn’t the most important thing here anyway. Feigelfeld mainly seems focused on submerging his audience in a collective trance; with long drawn-out scenes, languid camera movements and zooms, and magical images of nature that are pretty enough to hang on your wall. D.o.p. Mariel Baqueiro and editor Jörg Volkmar should definitely be considered co-authors of the film. 
Priroda, šume, atmosfera, veštice... šta tu može biti loše?

Ari Aster

with: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Ann Dowd, Milly Shapiro and Alex Wolff
After winning raves at the Sundance Film Festival, first-time writer/director Ari Aster’s fright film HEREDITARY will be released in theaters across the U.S. June 8.
When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes away, her daughter’s family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited.
Svakakve bajke se pričaju o ovome – te najstrašniji ikada, te ludilo, te škovi, te „a Greek tragedy by way of Aleister Crowley“... a trejler zaista deluje kao da tu može biti nečega... Ima li života u američkom hororu? Sumnjam, ali želim da verujem.
U srpskoj distribuciji
Na repertoaru: četvrtak 7. 6. 2018.

Luca Guadagnino

with: Chloë Grace Moretz, Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper, Renée Soutendijk
A young American ballerina comes to train at a prestigious German dance academy and uncovers the school's dark and menacing secrets.
Neka priča ko šta hoće, Luka je napravio najbolji film prošle godine, dokazao se i kao ozbiljan reditelj i kao stilista, i strašno me zanima šta je on uradio sa ovom premisom. Pa još ako je istina da film traje preko 2,5 sata! Paradoksalno, hetero-Arđento napravio je najkičastije šareni kemp horor film u istoriji; gej-Luka najavljuje sterilnu, hladnu i mračnu reimaginaciju! Čovek koji umalo nije dobio Oskara za režiju pravi svoju verziju italo-horror klasika – pa to ne može biti konvencionalno i meh! Možda bude slavna propast, ali meh neće biti.

Pascal Laugier

with: Crystal Reed, Anastasia Phillips, Emilia Jones, Mylène Farmer
A horror writer is confronted with the past in a terrifying psychological horror, film by the maker of Martyrs.
After the death of her aunt, Pauline inherits her country home. On her first night there with her daughters Beth and Vera, she is attacked and has to go to great lengths to protect her children. Sixteen years later, Beth is a successful horror writer. When she goes to visit Vera, the past comes rushing back.
This new film eruptions of bloody violence are balanced out by paying close attention to Beth and Vera’s personalities.
Kažu da ima nešto lavkraftovsko u ovom plotu. Ložije ima dovoljno mračnu dušu (plus talenat) da zasluži taj otrcani epitet i učini ga svojim.
U srpskoj distribuciji:
Početak prikazivanja filma: 19.04.2018.

In Fabric
Peter Strickland

with: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Steve Oram
A haunting ghost story set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences.
Malo se zna o ovom filmu, ali ja znam dovoljno: pravio ga je najbolji aktivni mlađi (moje godište!) horor reditelj današnjice, autor predivnih čarolija BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (2012) & THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY (2014) = meni dovoljno!

The Lodge
Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz

with: Richard Armitage, Katelyn Wells, Riley Keough
A soon-to-be-stepmom is snowed in with her fiance's two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations finally begin to thaw between the trio, strange and frightening events threaten to summon psychological demons from her strict religious childhood.
Od tvoraca GOODNIGHT, MOMMY (Ich seh, Ich seh, 2014) – opet izolacija, opet žena i dvoje dece u kolibi, samo izgleda da će ovog puta žena da muči đecu...

John Krasinski

with: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe
A Quiet Place turns its lens on a family that lives away from everything and never makes a sound. Apparently, there is some crazy thing around them that will attack if any noise is made. Preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby in a world without noise is difficult, and the father continues to pore over newspaper articles and research, looking for a way to stop the creatures that kill at the slightest sound.
It’s a movie designed to make you an active participant in a game of tension, not just a passive observer in an unfolding horror.
“A Quiet Place” shreds the nerves, but it does so in a way that feels rewarding. You don’t just walk out having experienced a thrill ride, you walk out on a high, the kind of high that only comes from the best horror movies.
U srpskoj distribuciji:
Početak prikazivanja filma: 12.04.2018.


Panos Cosmatos

with: Nicolas Cage
Mandy is set in the primal wilderness of 1983 where Red Miller, a broken and haunted man hunts an unhinged religious sect who slaughtered the love of his life.
Hiperstilizovani i veoma krvavi horor-triler osvete – od reditelja ludačkog BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW (2011).

Tokyo Vampire Hotel
Sion Sono

On the verge of an apocalyptic global event, a clan of vampires lures a crowd of humans into a glamorous hotel in order to turn it into their own private blood farm. A rival family of vamps crashes the party and sparks a violent uprising, hoping to wipe their adversaries off the map for good.
Ovo je bazirano na mangi i premontirano iz 10-epizodne TV serije pa se pitam na šta će da liči kao film, ali – Sono je to, gledaće se!

The Field Guide to Evil
reditelji: Peter Strickland, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz

A feature-length anthology film. They are known as myths, lore, and folktales. Created to give logic to mankind's darkest fears, these stories laid the foundation for what we now know as the horror genre.
Omnibus sa znatno jačim rediteljima nego inače u toj formi. Videćemo da li su bili u formi.

Ghost Stories
Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman

This collection of ghostly encounters not only will give you goosebumps, it's cleverly constructed and fun too.
Phillip Goodman, host of a TV show in which he exposes ‘spiritualist’ practices as fraud, takes on three mysterious cases of ghosts haunting seemingly innocent victims. Goodman soon discovers that the stories are not only perhaps true, they are somehow all connected to him. Ghost Stories is a very British endeavor, scripted by one of the guys from The League of Gentleman. Except for the surprise finale, which is nicely set up through small clues along the way, the stories tread familiar ground: a deserted nuthouse, car trouble in the middle of nowhere, a ghostly presence. But this is all about execution, which is great, thanks to deliberate pacing, fine acting, offbeat humour and effective scare tactics.
Još jedan omnibus koji deluje vredno pažnje. Hell, zaslužio je koricu novog Rue Morgue-a!

Steven Soderbergh

A pulpy film that echoes the raw thrillers from the seventies.
Data analyst Sawyer Valentini has fled Boston after a stalker made her life hell there. In her new hometown she seeks help from a psychiatrist and is more or less by accident admitted to an institution. There she sees her stalker, who is now one of the nurses. Or is it just her imagination?
A far cry from the polished and expensive aesthetics of his Ocean’s 11 films, Steven Soderbergh has gone for the other extreme with this one – he filmed Unsane on an iPhone 7. The scant lighting and low, narrow hallways of the institution Sawyer ends up in, give the film a seedy look reminiscent of the briskly shot thrillers of the early seventies. The story itself is just as pulpy, with characters plucked from the fringes of society.
Brine me taj kvazi-doku stil, ali Soderberg je ludo-blesav inovator, možda mu je pošlo za rukom nešto zabavno i pažnje vredno.

David Gordon Green

with: Judy Greer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Miles Robbins
Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.
Džejmi je ponovo tu, Karp opet radi muziku (tj. reciklira i reimaginira svoj evergrin) – ALI ništa što je režirao taj reditelj i ništa što je slikao taj DP ne ukazuje da bi ovo moglo bilo gde da prismrdi pregenijalnom i megaobožavanom mi originalu (vidi moju eulogiju ovde). Verovatno će dometi da mu se kreću negde između HALLOWEEN 2 i H20 – pa ipak, možete se kladiti u svoje gorkoslatko dupe da ću ovo odgledati prvom prilikom koja mi se ukaže (nadam se – u bioskopu)!

The Endless
Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Two brothers return to their childhood cult in stunning Lovecraftian mystery.
Justin and Aaron are brothers who are scraping by in Los Angeles. One day, Justin receives a message from the cult they were part of as children and convinces Aaron to revisit it. They receive a warm welcome, but just outside the cult’s grounds, they come across events that throw all plans into turmoil. Stunning, Lovecraftian mystery from the directors of Spring and Resolution.
The two filmmakers (who also star as the brothers) return to the world of Resolution (Imagine 2013). Once again, the filmmakers provide us with a complex and multi-layered mystery, dealing with family ties, the ability to leave the past behind and the malevolent cosmic forces that stand in between that.
Posustali su sa Prolećem ali sad se vraćaju svom odličnom debiju – i Lavkraftu?!

Craig William Macneill

Chloë Sevigny, Kristen Stewart
The saga of infamous ax murderous Lizzie Borden.
The film chronicles the murders of the Borden parents, and documents a social order that saw Lizzie [Sevigny], unmarried at 32, relegated to the pariah status and trapped under her father’s austere and domineering control. When Bridget Sullivan [Stewart], a young maid, comes to live with the family, Lizzie finds a kindred spirit. Their intimacy inspires a bloody path forward.”
Ozbiljan reditelj uliva mi nadu (pre svega zbog THE BOY, a radio i na seriji CHANNEL ZERO).

Shane Black

Writers: Shane Black, Fred Dekker
with: Thomas Jane, Edward James Olmos, Jake Busey
The Predator has been described as a true sequel to the first two movies, and it won't discard the events of the third movie, either. Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be back this time around. Instead, we'll get a team of misplaced military men who escape a prison transport to fight these killers in the asphalt jungle alongside a young kid with autism. There's also been some hints that The Predators will join the humans, for what we don't know.
Jedino zbog Bleka kao reditelja, plus Dekera kao koscenariste, imam nešto nade u ovaj pokušaj reboota.

Stefan Ruzowitzky

COLD HELL is a no-holds-barred study of a woman navigating an environment rife with male hostility, though first and foremost it’s a full-blooded genre piece with knockout setpieces and a kick-ass heroine.
It’s a heady stew that’s stirred and heated to a boil by director Stefan Ruzowitzky, who won a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for his drama THE COUNTERFEITERS and here makes a big step up from his previous horror outing ANATOMIE. Maintaining a swift pace and, with cinematographer Benedict Neuenfels, a rich and textured visual palette, he punctuates compelling story with horrifying murder scenes and heart-pounding action setpieces.

Ryuhei Kitamura

Director Ryuhei Kitamura (VERSUS, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) has helmed perhaps his most brutal film yet with DOWNRANGE.
Six college students are carpooling cross-country when one of their tires blows out on a desolate stretch of country road. Getting out to fix the flat, they quickly discover that this was no accident. The tire was shot out. With their vehicle incapacitated, the group is pinned down and mercilessly attacked by an unseen assailant as they desperately attempt to find a way to escape.
Zaplet ne deluje bogzna kako primamljivo, ali Kitamura je prilično pouzdan kadar...

Jon Turteltaub

with: Jason Statham, Ruby Rose
After escaping an attack by what he claims was by a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible.
Most of the movie takes place underwater, and it will see Jason Statham fighting one of the biggest sharks ever committed to celluloid.
Avaj – PG-13 rejting ne obećava mnogo sočnosti ovde, a i reditelj je čist bezlični odradek... Pravićemo mi od blata DEEP BLUE SEA...


An Australian horror film starring GHOST STORIES’ Martin Freeman, from a producing team including THE BABADOOK’s Kristina Ceyton and Jeff Harrison, is coming to Netflix and the Tribeca Film Festival this spring.
In the aftermath of a global pandemic, Andy [Freeman] is focused on keeping his wife and their infant daughter alive as they travel across the Australian Outback. A terrible accident, however, forces him to set off on foot: A zombie bite has given Andy a mere 48 hours before he, too, is undead. Andy struggles to both find a refuge for his child and stave off the disease as the clock runs out on his humanity.

Dean Devlin

with: David Tennant, Kerry Condon, Robert Sheehan
A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob.
Zabavna premisa, solidan scenarista (arty triler APT PUPIL i brutalni slešer VENOM) i sumnjiv reditelj, plus R. Šijan među glavnima... Mogla bi biti neka mlaka trojčica.

Embrace Me
Javier Rao

Strange things start to happen after sex, in a daring, scary and disorienting debut from Argentina with a stoner sense of humour.
Joaquin likes to hang around with friends, smoke pot and watch films. One night, Josefine stays with him and they have sex. The next day she is gone, leaving blood in the bathtub. After that, strange things start to happen to Joaquin. A fortune teller tells him the shocking truth.
One of the most unusual films this year, Embrace Me is often quirky and adorable, but also scary and disorienting when it needs to be. The solid cinematography and the young, extremely easygoing cast are a treat, making the audience feel what it is like being young, loved-up and shit-faced. Joaquin is the perfect anti-hero and first time director Javier Rao seems to enjoy all the bad things that come to haunt him. After a laid-back start, the film becomes seriously creepy after Josefine’s disappearance.
Deluje kao argentinska verzija THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN.

(January 2019)
Neil Marshall

David Harbour, Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich
Hellboy squares off against a medieval sorceress who seeks to destroy humankind.
Ovo će verovatno da bude bolje od del Torovih šarenih laža i romansi: idemo sa R-rejtingom i hororom, za promenu od njegovih šećerastih fantazija. Izlazi pre naredne moje liste, pa zato neka ga ovde. Malo brine što izlazi u januaru, kao da nemaju mnogo vere u njega, ali...



King Cohen
Juicy anecdotes abound in this extremely entertaining documentary about Larry Cohen - one of the last B-movie authors.

Frank Henenlotter

A true case of political correctness gone wrong. Mike Diana is an artist from Florida who created a fanzine called Boiled Angels, a shocking underground comic that illustrated Diana’s own anger and frustrations of what he saw happening in the world. For Diana, the catalyst was the discovery at a young age of child abuse in the Catholic Church. Although he was never personally sexually abused as a child, learning about it effected Diana so deeply that it became the subject of his art for most of his life.
Here, Henenlotter takes this skill and adopts it to the story of Mike Diana and the grotesqueries of his art. Henenlotter contrasts the shocking content of Diana’s fanzine – clearly never meant for everyone – with the person; an unremarkable, shy man with a weak handshake whose mode of expression is purely through this very focused, specific art form.
Henenlotter succinctly makes the point that eluded so many involved with the obscenity trials for Mike Diana in Florida: that even though his images may not be to your taste, it does not mean they are not art.
Interviews with Neil Gaiman and George Romero...

William Friedkin

More than 40 years after changing the face of screen horror with THE EXORCIST, director William Friedkin returns to its subject matter—for real this time—with THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH.
THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH combines Friedkin’s memories of crafting THE EXORCIST with a contemporary study of possession and exorcism. The synopsis: “What began as a brief conversation between Friedkin and Father Gabrielle Amorth—the head exorcist for the Diocese of Rome for over 30 years—as two professionals who knew of each other’s work soon transformed into an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as Amorth agreed Friedkin could film an exorcism ceremony. It would be the ninth exorcism for a painfully afflicted woman, Cristina [a pseudonym], who had already been under Father Amorth’s care—and it would be filmed by Friedkin alone, with no other crew allowed, no light other than the natural light in the room and a small digital camera-and-mic unit that could capture the ritual and its revelations. Combining the startling and singular footage from Cristina’s exorcism with interviews from priests and psychologists, neurosurgeons and non-believers, Friedkin guides us on a journey into the twilight world between the boundaries of what we know and what we don’t with a singular and startling guide in the form of the urbane, charming and self-deprecatingly funny Father Amorth, a man who laughs in the face of the devil both figuratively and literally.”

The Missing Films

A portrait of von Trier directed by two of his long-time collaborators, Tomas Gislason and Jacob Thuesen.
An unprecedented level of intimacy and access to von Trier that among other sequences shows him in production on his new serial killer story, The House That Jack Built.
The feature documentary is still in production and will continue shooting with von Trier wherever Jack has its world premiere – either in Cannes or at a later festival.
“The film is about brotherhood, friendship, love for cinema,” Dyekjaer said, adding that the film will cover von Trier’s childhood as well as his love for cinema over the decades. Both the directors have known von Trier for many years and have edited some of his films.
She added that after seeing The Missing Films, “I can’t promise that you will love Lars but I can promise you [that] you will understand him and that will help you understand his films.”

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  2. Hm, sto je kadar iz Brazila ispod Hereditary? :)

    Inace, ima dosta zanimljivih filmova na listi, posebno ocekujem Mandy, The House That Jack Built i Predatora (Shane Black rezira Predatora, to je vec dovoljan razlog da mi film bude jedan od najiscekivanijih, bez obzira na zanr)

  3. Još jedan za 2019:

    Tetsuya Nakashima radi horor!
    Kuru (based on the novel by Ichi Sawamura)

    Hideki and Kana Tahara are newlyweds. Hideki is excited about his future with Kana. One day, a mysterious person visits the company where Hideki works. Hideki's colleague conveys the visitor's message to Hideki "about Chisa-san case." As soon as Hideki hears the name Chisa, he becomes stunned. His wife is pregnant and they have picked the name Chisa for their baby. Only Hideki and Kana know the name. Soon the colleague that talked to the visitor has a mysterious death. Two years later, more mysterious cases take place around Hideki. He is then introduced to freelance writer Nozaki and his girlfriend Makoto Higa.

  4. Naravno da ne treba ocekivati da novi helovin prismrdi originalu ali ako je verovati informacijama svidja mi se sto su autori uzeli novi pravac koji je u duhu prvijenca majkl je cisto zlo on nema poseban motiv za ubistva takodjer su izbacili sranje da mu je lori sestra film ne zeli objasnjavati neobjasnjivo nego se posvetiti kreiranju strave eh sad je pitanje koliko ce uspeti u tome

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    - In Fabric
    - Ghostland
    - Hagazusa
    - Mandy
    - Cold Hell (mozda)
    - Novembar (mozda)
    - Predator (ajde da vidimo)
    - Noc vestica (ajde da vidimo)
    - Endless (mozda)
    i naravno Helboj -jeee!
    Nisam siguran da od Suspirie,Sodeberga i Hereditary moze da se ocekuje nesto bitno,ali ko zna...

  6. kukanje se odnosi na prošla iskustva, a za budućnost - oprezni optimizam. prvih 5-6 bi mogli da dobiju neku ocenu oko četvorke: barem i poneki 4- bi bio veliko postignuće.

  7. Gledam ponovo Karpenterove Vampire i mislim se koji car treba da budeš da snimiš onako nešto-CARpenter...kakve scene stvarno-strašne majko mila!-kad izvlače one vampire na početku,i ona slajd gitara,znaš kad ćeš da čuješ tako nešto u novim hororima?Kad Lora Palmer povrati nevinost u drugoj dimenziji!
    I taj izraz lica kad je Gospodar capne,rame uz rame sa Dzenet Li i Šeli Duval
    samo još bolje.

  8. Lepe vesti: Ložije stiže u naše bioskope za 10ak dana! A pre njega:
    Početak prikazivanja filma:12.04.2018
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    Početak prikazivanja filma:19.04.2018
    a na kraju meseca vredi i ovo overiti:
    IGRA ISTINE (Truth or Dare)
    Početak prikazivanja filma: 26.04.2018

  9. + Hereditary - Na repertoaru: četvrtak 7. 6. 2018.

  10. A Quiet Place namlatio 50 miliona $ u usa za svoj debi vikend, plus još 20-ak u ostatku sveta.

  11. Tesko da ce neki film ove godine dobaciti do 4- ali ako 5-6 filmova na listi dobaci do 3+ onda ce ovo biti uspesna godina za horor barem da za razliku od proteklih godina ove godine imamo vise konkurenata za prvo mesto u izboru najboljeg horora 2018

  12. Halloween 2 od mene ima 3- mada je imao potencijala da dobaci cak i do 3+ svidja mi se sto kadrovi u filmu i fotografija podsecaju na original steta sto su ubistva u filmu prikazana kao u vecini slesera iz tog perioda sto je susta suprotnost u odnosu na prvi dio koji se manje bavio prikazivanjem a vise gradjenjem strave sto ga cini drugacijim u odnosu na druge slesere takodjer je neuverljivo da je majkl na skolskoj tabli krvlju napisao Samhain sto znaci festival mrtvih koji takodjer pada na 31. Oktobar kad i noc vestica kao da majkl ima nekakve veze sa drevnim ritualima sto nije onaj majkl majers iz karpenterovog filma i naravno ta glupost da mu je lori mladja sestra koju zeli ubiti jer je prije 15 godina ubio stariju sestru da su sve to izbegli i drzali se pravca koji je bio u prvijencu film je mogao da ostavi mnogo bolji utisak ipak rekavsi sve ovo drugi dio je gledljiv i na mene je ostavio bolji dojam nego recimo drugi delovi strave u ulici brestova i petka 13

  13. pa i nije nešto ovaj COLD HELL (Die Hölle): prvoloptaška soc-drama sa nalepljenim kilavim trilerom, a NE horor. ukupno jedna baš dobra scena, na polovini (cimanje u autu i izvan njega), i tolko. 2+

  14. TIHO MESTO = lepa trojka, solidan hororčić, nije uvredljivo glup, ima nešto malo duše i saspensa, ali šteta što je sjajan koncept, od kojeg je mogao da se napravi STALKER za 21. vek, protraćio samo na jedan jedva natprosečan horor... elaboriraću u rivjuu uskoro.

  15. Znaci ovo bi trebao biti najbolji horor dosada u ovoj godini

  16. Insiders who have seen footage from The House That Jack Built describe scenes of extreme brutality and violence, comparing it to von Trier's graphic, controversial Antichrist. :)

  17. Po nekoj mojoj realnoj proceni na listi najvise ocekujem od the house that jack built,novembra i lukine suspirije

  18. Gledao sam sinoć u bioskopu TIHO MESTO. Film je tehnički besprekoran ali nažalost poprilično glup. Nije od ovoga mogao biti novi Stalker, ni blizu. Uz bolji scenario ovo je moglo da dobaci do 28 DAYS LATER ili nešto malo bolje od toga. Ovakav kakav jeste slabiji je i od 28 WEEKS LATER. Pohvalio bih kameru, zvuk, odličnu režiju. Glumci su mi bili jako dobri, jedino mi je klinac nekako neupečatljiv ali možda je to samo subjektivni utisak. Scenario je loš ali to ne može da se kritikuje bez ozbiljnih spojlera. Film je i ideološki konzervativan, ili sam bar ja to tako video. Solidan film, ali očekivao sam više. Od mene mlaka trojka tj. 3-.

  19. eno mog rivjua tog filma, pa baci pogled i reci šta imaš. samo ako ikako možeš probaj da izbegneš spojlere, jer u komentarima ne možemo da zacrnjujemo slova.

  20. gul se sad zeza sa fabriz du welzom, zabole ga kurac za komentatore

  21. gledo sam Ghostland tek juče, po povratku u srbiju. a evo me tek sada u svome domu. rivju stiže vrlo brzo. ocena: 3- iliti: vredi u bioskopu, ali ne očekujte baš mnogo. ovo je veoma glup i nedomišljen film sa nekim odličnim vizuelnim rešenjima i idejicama od kojih uglavnom ništa pametno niej urađeno.

  22. Tizer-trejler za novog predatora mi nije nista posebno ali cu film overiti prvom prilikom u bioskopu ponajvise zbog sejn bleka

  23. jedino zbog bleka stene ću ovo da pogledam, ali trejler mi uopšte ne uliva nadu da će to biti jače od 3-, a pitanje je da li će i toliko da dobaci.

  24. Ne znamo da li je prica dobra a to se u trejleru ne moze videti

  25. KO je ovde kazao da se NOVEMBAR očekuje sredinom maja? s kojom osnovom? gde to piše? gde će izaći tada? ja ne vidim takvu najavu.

  26. NOVEMBAR izlazi na blu-ray 29.maja. Obično svaki film procuri na internet 12-15 dana pre izlaska na blu-ray. http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/November-Blu-ray/203361/

  27. Ovako:
    1.Francuski film REVENGE sam danas odgledao i jako je dobar. Ne bih ga svrstao u horor, mada ne smatram greškom ako neko to učini...
    2.Trejler za THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT obećava ludu zabavu.
    3.Film CLIMAX koji potpisuje GASPAR NOE prikazan je u Kanu i dobija jako dobre kritike. Privukao je daleko više pažnje od filmova iz takmičarskog programa. Na osnovu kritika koje sam čitao, stekao sam utisak da bi CLIMAX mogao biti horor!

  28. REVENGE = jaka 3. THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT je sve što sam želeo da bude. CLIMAX deluje bolje od zadnja dva noja, mogo bi dobaciti do trojke. nije horor, kao što ni OTPOZADI nije bio (za mene).

  29. Drago mi je da se slažemo za REVENGE. Vidim mnogi ne mogu da prihvate premisu, možda je trebao biti malo više "stilizovan" da bi bilo očiglednije kakav je film u pitanju i da se tu i ne pretenduje na nekakav realizam. Ali ko jebe morone, meni je bilo super i odgledaću ga ponovo...Ja od CLIMAX očekujem više, jer ja ENTER THE VOID volim malo više nego ti.

  30. Trejler za the house that jack built izgleda obecavajuce

  31. Trier iznova razbježao retarde.
    God-tier shitposter.

  32. fon trir je veliki trol, performans artist i, naposletku, umjetnik. plus, veoma izmučena osoba, što je zaloga pravog, izvornog, originalnog stvaranja iz sopstvene krvi.

  33. REVENGE mi je prijatno iznenadjenje od mene 3+

  34. John Carpenter

    Je'l ti imaš neki profesorski sindrom,il si profa sa profi deformacijom da ocenjuje što dovati,šta maltretiraš čoveka više!?Sjedi JEDAN!!!

  35. nijedan od komentatora Von Trira nije prokomentarisao ono sto je covek velikim slovima napisao na trejleru - DUSA PRIPADA NEBU, A TELO PAKLU - katolickoprotestantski procep iliti Veliki Raskol kojim se bavi jos od Antihrista. i jos uvek mu se nisu izvinili sto ciljano nisu shvatili njegovu nazovi TROL salu o Nacizmu, gde je on u stvari hteo da kaze da su Jevreji Nacisti..;ili su je drugim recima PREVISE DOBRO shvatili, da bi ga pustili da ucestvuje u javnom diskurcu

    sve te tlapnje o izmucenom umetniku i nj gusanju sa demonima su samo Cannes-friendly pakovanje iza kojeg se krije veliki, i debelo promisljen, RUSKI um

  36. Lars Von Godtier, okay,
    - u njegovom prvom filmu The Element of Crime, Kim (ona asian-prostitutka), u jednoj sceni, recituje taj 'nursery rime' This Is the House That Jack Built. Naravno, takodje film o serijskom ubici. Nisam primjetio da u dostupnim recenzijama spominju bas taj detalj, pa, rekoh, eto i to; mada kazu da reference na njegove prijasnje filmove (i druge slavne filmove o SU) obitavaju posvuda.

  37. Baron

    Iz postovanja prema svim posetiocima ovoga bloga smatram da nije uredu da komentarisem tudje komentare pa ni tvoje drzim se stava da ne trebam ulaziti u to kakav ce komentar ostaviti bilo koji pratilac ovoga bloga pa tako i ti toliko od mene

  38. mgw recenzije koje su se pojavile su poslovicno glupe i dosadne, analizirajuci fon Trira kao zajebanta i ispirajuci usta debilnim liberalnim raspravama o mizoginiji; da li je on mizogin ili nije; da li podrzava Hitlera ili ne; da li je lud ili bezobrazan; Lars vrlo dobro zna da takve trol akrobacije donose slavu i pare, pa ih obilato casti - zasluzili su - a u metatekst stavlja ono sto ga stvarno zanima, u ovom slucaju pitanje koje se iz aviona vidi u trejleru - kako to da sam pocinio takva zlodela a nikakve posledice? to je ono sto stvarno uznemiruje, u svetu u kome je jedina koordinata covekov racio, gde posedujemo neogranicenu slobodu

  39. barone: tvoje uvijeno trolovanje i pokušaji zajebancije sa mnom su jedva-podnošljivi, ali zajebavanje drugih komentatora neće biti tolerisano ni tebi, niti drugima. imaj to na umu i uštedi trud i sebi i meni. karpenter ti je lepo reko. a ja dodajem: sedi, JEDAN!
    mgw: odlično zapažanje! moraću da si repriziram The Element of Crime!

  40. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s THE ENDLESS will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms June 26.

  41. Samo kažem da ovde postoji kvalifikovana osoba za ocenjivanje,šta to znači da svako može da ocenjuje?Nije ovo valjda nesto kao Megatrend?

  42. THEY REMAIN, adapted from Laird Barron’s short story -30- on May 29th we will be available in the US on demand, on digital and blu-ray but also digitally in 55 countries worldwide.

  43. Novembar je dostupan za skidanje na Pajrat Beju već 6 dana. Upravo sam skinuo. Lakše ćete ga pronaći ako u pretraživač na sajtu ukucate estonski naziv "Rehepapp".

  44. crni matoji, kud to ne reče ranije? :( ja ga tražio ko novembar, i nisam ga našao. a sutra rano ujutro putujem i nema me 5-6 dana. ali probaću kod nekog od drugara da ga odgledam u narednim danima.

  45. Nisam ti ja matoji :) Javio bih ranije da sam video ranije. Danas mi dođe ideja da probam preko estonskog naziva. Mislio sam da je fejk ali probao sam i ispostavilo se da je u pitanju sasvim korektan dvdrip sa engleskim titlovima.

  46. Hereditary na imdb-u metascore rejting 89 :)

  47. Tizer-trejler za Suspiriju deluje mnogo bolje od onoga za Predatora

  48. pa normalno kad će i film biti daleko bolji. nova suspiria izgleda kao tačno ono što sam i želeo da bude!

  49. Hereditary,the house that jack built i Suspiria za sada mnogo obecavaju

  50. inače, prokleti imbecili od srpskih distributera su najočekivaniji (američki) horor godine pomerili za dve nedelje! NASLEĐENO ZLO - Početak prikazivanja filma:21.06.2018! a bio je najavljen da će krenuti kod nas onda kad i u svetu, 7. juna! ali NE - baš za ovim filmom mi moramo da kasnimo i kaskamo i još extra 2 nedelje se pržimo u iščekivanju!!!

  51. mislis da ce nova suspirija da bude dobar film?

  52. Bitno je da Jurski svet 2 ima svetsku premijeru 7.juna ☺

  53. izaso je HALUVIN trejler i ne deluje obecavajuce

    deluje kao neki jeftini televizijski film

  54. video sam - nisam impresioniran. biće negde oko H2O. jedva 3-. SVE što se moglo s tom pričom uraditi, karp je uradio ODMA. nema tu mesa za nastavljanje. a to malo što bi možda imalo (drama o osobi proganjanoj celog života događajem od pre 40 godina) sigurno nije ono što će biti srž i srce ovog filma. originalni helovin je bio sveta jednostavnost, sveta genijalnost. sve rečeno, ništa rečeno, sve pokazano, ništa pokazano. 100 kila sugestije, 2 grama konkretnosti. čista demonstracija moći. niko tome ne može danas ni na puškomet da priđe, a svakako ne tamo neki doveden samo da inkasira na račun poznatog brenda i franšize.

  55. nije precizno receno da nema mesa za nastavljanje - posto je Majkl neunistiva sila metafizickog zla, on nikad ne prestaje - stavise postavka je takva da zahteva opsesiju; zahteva nastavke. mozes da uradis nesto kao TERRIFIER, na primer, koji je temu metafizickog zla odveo beyond metaphysics, i spojio je sa danasnjim trans- seksualnim i trans - humanim preokupacijama, a sve to uz mnogo vece postovanje za halloween, od rodjenog mu reloada tj reprdeza.

    najcrnje je sto je art direction; inace briljantan u originalu, ovde postao televizijska banalnost, na primer sahovska tabla u ludnici koja publici telegrafira da se radi o sudbonosnoj konfrontaciji; ili nelogicno pohabana maska koja telegrafira da su protagonisti vintage; pa onda kao navodno TERRIFYING sekvenca sa zubima, koja prebacuje iz koda sublimnog horrora u neki robzombijevski body horror; a u dijalogu neprestano bukvalisticko ogradjivanje od nastavaka, od kojih ne mozes da se ogradis, itd, itd

    jedini pristup koji bi ovde eventualno valjao je da se kao u TERRIFIERU mit potpuno ocisti od svega osim od konfrontacije Lori i Majkla i da se od toga napravi jednoipocasovna cista vizuelna igra macke i misa - to me podseca na ono kad su usrali 3 sezone BEJTS MOTELA da bi tek na kraju, u poslednjoj, presli na glavnu stvar, a to je Norman i Norma u klincu, ali tad je vec bilo kasno, vise niko nije mogao da zaboravi tri godine djubretarenja

  56. U stvari PORAZAVAJUCE kako ta prasnjava maska, i prasnjavo lice Dzejmi Li Kurtis, dosledno prate franshiza logiku JURSKOG PARKA - izneli smo na tezgu ubudjalu robu, jeste da smrdi al ces bas zato jos bolje da se proda - i jos PORAZAVAJUCE je sto ta logika funkcionise, pa ce obe fransize sigurno dq zarade milijarde

  57. Trejler za novi helovin izgleda kako sam i ocekivao od novog helovina ocekujem da bude dobar horor u najboljem slucaju ne treba ocekivati da ovaj film bude jednako dobar kao i originalni helovin nerealno je ocekivati da ce nas ovaj film baciti na pleca da kazemo jebes film iz 1978-e god. sada imamo helovin david gordon grin-a to se nece dogoditi nije nam vise 6 god. ako izadjemo iz bioskopa i kazemo ovaj helovin je bio dobar filmska ekipa je odradila dobar posao sta mozemo vise traziti od toga na kraju dana trebamo realno postaviti ocekivanja

  58. ovaj helovin je bio dobar filmska ekipa je odradila dobar posao sta mozemo vise traziti od toga na kraju dana trebamo realno postaviti ocekivanja

    karpenter s ti bio na stazu u mekdonaldsu

  59. Hereditary se odlično otvorio u svom rangu, sa 13 miliona za prvi vikend. cifra niej velika po sebi, ali javlja mi se da ovaj film jak staying power i da će polagano, kako se fama o njemu širi, u nedeljama pred nama, da mlati malo po malo, zrno po zrno - palača!
    In fourth place is the excellent start for A24's Hereditary, which brought in an estimated $13 million this weekend. Prior to the film's opening, tracking expectations were in the high single digits, but Mojo's pre-weekend forecast saw much greater potential, anticipating a debut $12 million or higher. Budgeted at a reported $10 million, Hereditary was not only A24's widest release, debuting in 2,964 theaters, the $13 million debut is the studio's largest opening by a wide margin, topping the $8.8 million opening for The Witch in 2016.

  60. Ko god da je rezirao novi helovin ne bi mi mogao biti jednako dobar kao originalni helovin taj film ce uvek imati posebno mesto u mom srcu to je bio old-school hickokovski horor vise nismo u toj eri horora nazalost

  61. Dometi novog helovina po nekoj mojoj realnoj proceni ce se kretati od 3- pa do 3+ at best

  62. Cini se da je nepisano pravilo da kad neki horor pokupi dobre kritike na nekom festivalu ljudi imaju visoka ocekivanja pa taj film kasnije ima bolji prijem kod kritike nego kod publike kad krene u bioskope to je prokletstvo hype-a pre dve godine smo takvu situaciju imali sa the witch a ove godine slicnu situaciju imamo sa hereditary

  63. kaže mi aca r. koji je gledo hereditary juče u francuskoj, da ima tu odličnih, izuzetnih delova, ali niej sasvim siguran za celinu, mora da ga pogleda još jednom. on veruje da će to od mene dobiti 3+ max, a ne 4 itd. videćemo za nedelju dana!

  64. Drugi trejler za novog predatora nista vise ne obecava od prvog trejlera ali cini se da bi film mogao biti glupavo zabavan ☺

  65. Анониман21. јун 2018. 16:17

    dostupan je novi kitamura;nije loš 3-

  66. DOWNRANGE? to je dostupno ima već mesec dana ili možda i malo jače. meni je to više 2+ nego 3-, tu je negde oko crte. uglavnom, slabunjavo.

  67. evo šta rekoh malopre na fejsu - moj rivju stiže vrlo brzo, tj. čim postignem: HEREDITARY = 3/5
    not the 2nd coming everyone's making it, but a fine change of pace from the usual USA "horror" cheese - although, in the end, the whole arty "drama" goes to pulp anyway.

  68. MANDY = Theaters, on VOD and Digital HD on September 14th.

  69. Hoce li biti nesto kao najnoviji horori 2018 so far?

  70. ja HOĆU ali pitanje je da li MOGU! teško da ću stići pre grosmana - dakle, dok se vratim, ovo ono, možda bude tek za 15ak dana.

  71. Željno iščekujemo i druga dva nastavka prikaza treće sezone "Tvin Piksa". :)

  72. nisam ga još pogledao, ali čujem lepe stvari od kolege koji nije bez ukusa.

  73. U svako doba dana i noći mogu da gledam Kejdza kako skače sa ivice nervnog sloma...i ovog puta je to bilo zabavno za gledanje u filmu MAMA I TATA - koji ako ništa vredi samo zbog njegovih živčanih ekskurzija,a naravno vrhunac filma je teleportacija Lanca Henriksena iz Nature of the beast pravo u ovaj film..

  74. Trailer za novog Tsukamota, ako je nekome promakao:


    I dalje je u fazi - po stare dane, igram se starih majstora?

  75. ovo je ipak samo tizer :( plus, meni je NOBI bio skoro-negledljiv, a inače cuku obožavam. tako da ne znam šta ovde da očekujem - osim što ću ga svakako overiti prvom prilikom, kad god to bilo. alu cuko će meni uvek biti pesnik urbane alijenacije i modernosti a ne da se, ko miike, pod stare dane zamlaćuje sa periodima i kostimima i smarajima...

  76. Je li Gule, jesi gledo ovo https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107479/ ?

    Nije horor, ali bio je pomalo jeziv kad se pojavio.

  77. Kad bi ova Tsukamotova samurajska akcija naginjala ka fantaziji tipa Mikeovog IZO-a mozda bi i mogli ocekivati nesto vredno, ali prema sinopsisu, cini se da ovo naginje istorijskoj drami i konzervativnijem pristupu.

  78. nisam još gledo CARGO al jesam kratki iz kojeg se izrodio; gledaću, kad stignem, al ne očekujem više od 3- at best. gledo sam i La madre muerta back in the days ali vrlo ga se slabo sećam, trebalo bi da ga ponovim, pamtim finu atmosferu i ugođaj.

  79. tačno ovome sam se i nadao! striklend neće izneveriti!!! https://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/in-fabric-review-1202931639/


  80. izgleda ozbiljno. jedva cekam!


  81. Japanska horor-komedija One Cut of the Dead (2017) dosta obećava.

    1. obećava, već neko vreme, ali ja još ne vidim film na netu. ima li ga gde?

    2. Nisam uspeo da ga lociram. Možda je dostupan na nekom azijskom sajtu, ali titlova sigurno nema.

  82. dedin saundtrek je vise razocarenje nego prijatno iznenadjenje, previse sintpopizuje minimalisticki original, u nadi da ce oziveti mrtvu kobilu, ali zato novi klip iz tetka i dalje obecava, tetak u intervjuu nosi zute carape u Bauhaus boji

  83. Jesi li overio novi helovin?Da li je opravdao tvoja ocekivanja da ce se kretati negde izmedju H20 i helovin 2?

  84. Obicno kad se stvori veliki hajp oko nekog horora ne treba mu prilaziti sa prevelikim ocekivanjima ova tvoja ocena je samo jos jedna potvrda toga u svakom slucaju cu ga overiti u bioskopu ali sa snizenim ocekivanjima

  85. saundtrek je toliko dobar da cak iako samo uspe tilde svinton; opet film ne moze da omasi

  86. vrhunski saundtrek za suspiriju - vrtim ga na ripit ceo dan i celu noć.

  87. i ja ga vrtim, breathtaking u koja sve osecanja i misli ide; film ne moze da bude los

  88. I potpuno jeziva sabbath incantation koju skoro ne smem da slusam

  89. ako bi me pitao da opisem taj cuveni pravoslavni filing, a da ne posezem za losom crkvenom retorikom, ukazujem na SUSPIRIUM FINALE / znaci ne SUSPIRIUM, nego zadnja numera, koja traje duze i gde je orkestracija bogatija. BOG TE MAZO kakav genij. u pitanju je epilog, kraj, smrt, usud, fatum, ali iz toga se nekako, niko ne zna kako, uzdize ceo svemir - pa jos i tekst: our bodies what they mean for our salvation