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Šta nas čeka od filmova vrednih pažnje u ovoj godini? Evo, odabrao sam NEHOROR naslove koji mene najviše zanimaju, pa vi proberite sebi, ili još bolje, dodajte šta je meni promaklo, u komentarima!
Na početku su mi oni najočekivaniji, a ovo nadole nisam naročito rangirao...
Novi upcumming HORORI biće izlistani uskoro u zasebnom pregledu...


Ilya Khrzhanovsky (Četiri)
An immersive biopic on Nobel prize winning scientist Lev Landu...
Manite fabulu radnje: ako vam nisu dovoljne slike iz filma koje ovde kačim,
...kliknite na moj rivju njegovog prvenca ČETIRI...
Ovo mora biti, u najmanju ruku, film godine!

Paul Verhoeven
A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.
With Charlotte Rampling, Virginie Efira, Lambert Wilson...

Fabrice du Welz
Co-written by du Welz and Vincent Tavier (of Alleluia and Man Bites Dog fame), Adoration centers on 12 year old Paul, whose mother works as a cleaner for a private hospital in the woods. When schizophrenic teen Gloria arrives, Paul finds himself besotted, and plots to help her escape the hospital no matter the cost to himself.

Lords of Chaos
Jonas Åkerlund
A teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood 
Quentin Tarantino

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning, James Marsden
Quentin Tarantino has recruited a killer cast to tell a story that revolves around an aspiring actor and his stunt double who attempt to establish their careers in Tinseltown in 1969 just as the Manson Family murders are taking place. So, you know, typical family-friendly Tarantino stuff.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Stacie Passon

Film adaptation of the 1962 novel by Shirley Jackson. To star Alexandra Daddario, Sebastian Stan, Crispin Glover, and Taissa Farmiga.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile
Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost)
Centered around serial killer Ted Bundy, with Zac Efron, who will be playing the role of the murderous Ted Bundy, as well as Lily Collins, John Malkovich, Jim Parsons, Haley Joel Osment and James Hetfield (Metallica)!

Only Beasts (Seules les bêtes)
Dominik Moll 
Director Dominik Moll returns to genre for his sixth film
Adapted from Colin Niel’s book of the same name, this is about a woman is presumed missing or potentially dead when her car is discovered on the side of a mountain road after a snowstorm. The police have no leads but five people each harbor a secret connecting them to the woman’s disappearance.

Suicide Tourist
Jonas Alexander Arnby
Based on the novel by Rasmus Birch, which sounds like something we’d expect from Yorgos Lanthimos, an insurance claims adjustor (Coster-Waldau) is investigating the disappearance of a married man named Arthur, who he tracks to a secretive luxury hotel where guests are assisted with creating their fantasy suicides. The man finds himself trapped in the hotel, trapped in his own existential dilemma.

Wild Goose Lake
Director of Black Coal, Thin Ice
Wild Goose Lake concerns a gangster on the run, sacrificing everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam.

Wasp Network
Olivier Assayas 
Five Cuban spies land in Miami to infiltrate anti-Fidel Castro groups after a series of deadly attacks in Cuba, with consent of the US government.

Pure As Snow
Anne Fontaine
With Isabelle Huppert: a modern, erotic comedy re-telling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White. Fontaine appropriates the Brothers Grimm to tell the story of Claire (De Laage), who works at her late father’s hotel, which is now run by her vicious stepmother Maud (Huppert). When Maud’s young lover spurns her for Claire, she plots to rid herself of her stepdaughter, who finds shelter at a farmhouse with seven ‘princes.’

Wicked Games
Ulrich Seidl
Re-teaming with his usual scribe, wife Veronika Franz, the narrative of Wicked Games concerns two adult brothers who return home to Lower Austria to bury their mother. Both men return to their lives, one in Romania and one in Rimini. However, they’re forced to contend with other troubling elements from their past.

Bong Joon-ho
Bong returns to South Korea for his seventh feature: a genre informed family drama (though perhaps not in the same vein of his 2006 The Host).
From Joon-ho’s own script, Parasite concerns a family of four, each who has their own set of unique characteristics. The director notes the film does not include actual parasites or alien creatures.

To the Ends of the Earth
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Kurosawa’s screenplay details how Yoko (Maeda), a travel variety show host, finds herself tested when she takes her crew to film a segment in Uzbekistan.

Bruno Dumont
Dumont adapts the latter half of Peguy’s text, which entails Joan of Arc’s battles with the English, her court case, and infamous burning at the stake. This will be the youngest cinematic iteration of Joan of Arc as portrayed by a 10 year old.

Alice Winocour (Disorder)
Reuniting with her Disorder scribe, Jean-Stephane Bron, Proxima the narrative concerns a female astronaut living in Cologne, working for the European Space Agency. Her relationship with her seven-year-old daughter becomes the focus after she’s called away sooner than expected to join a year-long space mission.

By the Grace of God
Francois Ozon
Ozon’s script centers on Alexandre (Poupaud), a man in his 40s living with his wife and kids in Lyon. When he discovers the priest who abused him decades prior is still working with children, he joins forces with two other men to reveal the priest’s indiscretions.

The Jonsson Gang (Jönssonligan)
Tomas Alfredson 
Director Tomas Alfredson returns to Sweden for the first time since his 2008 international breakout Let the Right One In with the reboot of a popular 1980s television series, which was itself a remake of a Danish television series.
The Jonsson Gang is a comedy concerning a group of troubled criminals (including an alcoholic explosions expert) as they plan a heist.

As Long as the War Lasts (Mientras dure la guerra)
Alejandro Amenabar
Alejandro Amenabar makes his first Spanish language film since 2004’s The Sea Inside
Co-written by Alejandro Fernandez, As Long as the War Lasts documents the last six months in the life of University of Salamanca rector Miguel de Unamuno, removed from his position in 1936 after supporting the military uprising. But as Franco’s troops begin to take over, Unamuno begins to reexamine his principles.

A Golden Youth (Une jeunesse dorée)
Eva Ionesco 
Actress and director Eva Ionesco re-teams with Isabelle Huppert for her sophomore film
Co-written by Simon Liberati, A Golden Youth is set in 1979 and focuses on sixteen-year-old runaway Rose and her twenty-something boyfriend Michel. Amidst a decadent nightlife they meet older couple Lucille and Hubert (Huppert, Poupaud), who take the younger couple under their decadent wings.

Nobody Likes Me
The Czech directing duo behind the starkly entertaining 2016 debut I, Olga Hepnarova
Nobody Likes Me tells the story of Sara, an independent young woman who works as a secretary at an army headquarters in Prague. A loner who tends to observe the lives of others from a safe distance, her world changes when she meets Martin, a soft-faced young man she becomes enamored with. As their relationship develops, Martin shies away from intimacy, eventually revealing himself to be intersex. Undaunted by this, the relationship continues. However, she is ignorant of how the world will react to Martin when she inadvertently reveals his secret.

Roman Polanski
Written by Polanski and his The Ghost Writer scribe Robert Harris, J’accuse will address the Dreyfus affair, a scandalous debacle which reverberated throughout Europe from 1894 to 1906 from the perspective of Colonel Picquart (Dujardin) who discovers the evidence against Captain Alfred Dreyfus (Garrel) to be false. Picquart attempts to reestablish the reputation of Dreyfus before he’s eventually appointed as the war minister in 1906.

About Endlessness
Roy Andersson
Scripted by Andersson, About Endlessness portends to be about the preciousness and beauty of our existence, with narrator Scheherazade reflecting on a tableau of storylines, which runs a gamut of Adolf Hitler, a priest, and a champagne loving woman, amongst others.

The Weeping Woman (La Llorona)
Jayro Bustamante
Written by Bustamante and Lisandro Sanchez, Woman reconfigures the myth of La Llorona for a narrative beginning during the Civil War, an armed conflict in Guatemale which led to genocide and violent atrocities. Bustamante takes the original Medea-ish myth of a woman who drowns her children in response to her husband’s infidelity and turns her plight into a quest for justice in a vengeance narrative the director describes as similar to Tarantino’s revisionist Inglourious Basterds (2009).

Valley of the Gods
Lech Majewski
Polish director’s long gestating art-house sci-fi film. Three distinct storylines intersect, including that of the richest man on earth (Malkovich), a Native American legend, and a writer (Hartnett) who has the power to alter reality.

Born a King
Agusti Villaronga

Agusti Villaronga’s ninth feature Born a King should be ready for 2019 in what stands as one of the Spanish filmmaker’s largest productions in some time.
Henry Fitzherbert’s script (from a story by Ray Loriga and Bader Al Samari) is set in 1919 and tells the story of Faisal, a 14-year-old Arab prince set to London on a diplomatic mission to secure the formation of his Saudi Arabia.

Paradise Hills
Alice Waddington 
Producer and editor Alice Waddington makes her directorial debut with the fantasy/sci-fi film.
A wayward girl is sent to the reform school Paradise Hills only to discover the high-class façade holds sinister secrets.

The Tiger
Ukraine’s Miroslav Slaboshpitsky (The Tribe)
Based on the 2010 non-fiction book by John Vaillant, The Tiger tells the tale of townspeople being terrorized by a tiger with almost preternatural savagery after the villagers begin to encroach on the creature’s habitat (which bears superficial comparison to 1996’s The Ghost and the Darkness).

For Ever – Mindörökké
Gyorgy Palfi
Based on a novel by Sandor Tar about a post-apocalyptic Hungarian-Ukrainian village.

M. Night Shyamalan

A sequel to Unbreakable and Split with Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, James McAvoy, and Samuel L. Jackson to return.

The Invincible Dragon
Fruit Chan
Mixed martial arts star, Anderson Silva (aka The Spider) has become an unlikely addition to the cast of director Fruit Chan‘s new action thriller ‘The Invincible Dragon’ (aka ‘Made in Kowloon’).
Headlined by rising action star Max Zhang (‘Ip Man 3’), the film follows a Hong Kong police officer who crosses over to Macao after his fiancée goes missing and accidentally stumbles onto a series of murder cases. Chan says that “the story is imbued with some Chinese mythical elements, which will set it apart from the traditional Hong Kong cop thrillers”.

Riot Girls
Jovanka Vuckovic
The film is set four years after a mysterious illness has killed all adults. The town of Potter’s Bluff has been divided into two rival factions, the ‘Eastside’, made up of scrappy scavengers living amongst the ruins, and the ‘Westside’ which hoards its wealth in the former high school and is ruled by Jeremy, a brutal dictator.
“When Jack, an eastsider, is forced to kill two westsiders while on a scavenging mission, he is captured and taken back to the West side where he awaits public execution. Jack’s sister, Nat, and her best friend, Scratch, must cross into dangerous territory if they have any hope of saving him. Their treacherous journey reveals not only the power of their love, but the depths of their courage.”

Godzilla: King of the Monsters 
Michael Dougherty
Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Sally Hawkins
The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.

Steven Knight

Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke, Diane Lane
Interstellar co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway reunite for this thriller about fishing boat captain who is pulled into a web of deceit when his ex-wife shows up and begs him to save her from her abusive new husband.

Alita: Battle Angel 
Robert Rodriguez

Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Ed Skrein, Michelle Rodriguez
Initially scheduled for the summer of 2018, this James Cameron-produced adaptation of the Japanese manga had already been pushed back once to a December release, before Fox decided that month was already competitive enough. Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, and Michelle Rodriguez all co-star in this blend of live action and CGI about a cyborg girl who faces her past with the help of the scientist who rescued her from the scrap heap.

Ad Astra 
James Gray

Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland
If you liked Interstellar, you may want to (tele)scope this one out. (Sorry.) Director James Gray (The Lost City of Z) takes to the outer reaches of space to tell the story of an engineer (Brad Pitt) who embarks on a fantastic voyage in pursuit of his father (Tommy Lee Jones), who took a one-way trip to Neptune 20 years prior.

Artemis Fowl 
Kenneth Branagh

Judi Dench, Josh Gad
Adaptation of the popular fantasy book series that centers on a young criminal mastermind who kidnaps a fairy in hopes of ransoming her to an evil pixie in exchange for his father.

Gemini Man 
Ang Lee

Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen
Will Smith stars in this sci-fi thriller with shades of Rian Johnson’s Looper that centers on an assassin looking to exit his career as who faces his biggest obstacle: a younger clone of himself.

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  1. Solidna lista. Dodao bih Prisoners of the Ghostland - Sion Sono.

  2. odlična sugestija - ali za spisak koji tek spremam, koji se tiče HORORA.

    1. Negde sam citao da ga tretiraju kao triler ali ipak je to Sono. I naravno da je bolje to stavi ti na listu horora. Kada smo kod Horora nadam se da je The Lighthouse visoko na listi ocekivanih filmova :)

  3. Greta - Neil Jordan
    Zavod - Yuriy Bykov
    Lizzie - Craig William Macneill
    Shadow - Yimou Zhang

  4. naravno da je SVETIONIK u samom vrhu očekivanih horora; super podsećanje na džordana! lizzie je procurila ima tome već mesec dana, tako da to više nije u 'očekivanjima' (nisam je još overio).

  5. Zar nije The Lion King najočekivaniji nehoror ove godine:)?

    1. e, da...KRALJ LAVOVA je odličan. Bolji od crtaća, što je retko kome uspelo, tj nikom. Stvarno je savršen . Ja sam umrla :)

    2. ...procureo LION KING, moram ponovo da gledam i El Camino!!!

    3. koga bre zabole za detinjarije i rimejke tipa LION KING?! nego, evo ga oktobar se ubrzava, kreće sve više horora vrednih pažnje, a ja najzad juče zbacih sa sebe breme obaveza pa najzad mogu polagano opet da počnem da gledam šta se novo zadnjih dana i nedelja skidalo ali ne i gledalo...

    4. ...ali savršen je, aladin je ok, mož se pogleda, ali je zato tim barton, žešće sjebo malog damba, još ga i ona kobila eva grin zajaše, zamisli, malog damba. užas!

  6. ...odlična lista.
    Pored većine narečenih, sa nestrplenjem očekujem novi film Taika Waititija Jojo Rabbit- mnogo sam se naložila na istog nakon Thora.Uvrnut lik sa bliskim mi smislom za humor.
    The Beach Bum mi deluje zabavno, filmove Richarda Linklatera religiozno sve gledam, te neću propustiti ni Where'd You Go, Bernadette, biopik o Eltonu džonu-Rocketman, te ekranizaciju The Goldfinch po romanu Done Tart.

    1. đođo je nepojmljivo promašeno i besciljno bičevanje mrtvog konja koje je, povrh toga, još i napadno nesmešno. potpisujem svaku reč i svako slovo u ovom rivjuu. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/dec/20/jojo-rabbit-review-taika-waititi-hitler-comedy

  7. koga zanima, poceo je novi true detective https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2356777/

    1. U odnosu na prvu sezonu koja je grunula odma na početku i držala pažnju do kraja,ovo je neka jadnjikava bleda kopija sa crncem koji šmira u glavnoj ulozi.

    2. Slazem se, mislio sam da ce pokusati da se iskupe za dosta losiju drugu sezonu, ali dobili smo melanholicnog crnca i ofucanog belca na kliseiziranom zapletu sa dodatkom porodicne nostalgije. Pretenciozno, mlako govno.

    3. odlična je prva, mada je previše obična, krije karte previše, i rasteže malko poviše, mada ne gnjavi. fali mi ozbiljniji nagoveštaj nečeg jačeg i većeg od običnog ubistva - ali i uopšte da je priča o ovome nešto 'veće od života'. a i druga je dobra, ali presporo se to odvija. fali mi jači narrative drive...
      dublji hook...
      mada, gledaće se ovo i dalje, nisam ni sumnjao; tj jasno mi je bilo da se neće ponoviti negledljivost II sezone. posle treće - sad mi već ozbiljno fali neki jači i zabavniji nagoveštaj i počinjem da se bojim kako ova priča nema ništa NAROČITO extra da ponudi, osim natprosečne egzekucije konvencionalnog materijala. nadam se da grešim, ali picolato je kreten i od njega se svašta loše može očekivati.

  8. Mika Ninagawa ima dva filma za 2019: Diner (Kanako Oba contacts a mysterious site for part-time work. Because of this, her life is soon in jeopardy. She is then forced to work at the restaurant Diner as a waitress or she will be killed. Bombero is the owner and chef at Diner. The restaurant is membership only and their customers are all contract killers.) i adaptaciju romana Ningen Shikkaku tj. No Longer Human tj. 'Diskvalifikovan covek'.

  9. ...izašao je tizer za Jojo Rabbit, takođe, potvrđeno je da će Taika Waititi-a režirati četvrti nastavak Thora.


  10. Dobar je Parasite. Mislim da se moglo više sa ovim konceptom i likovima, ali zadovoljan sam.

  11. procureo još pre 10ak dana. vrlo dobar, jaka trojka, ali kraj mu je slabašan.

  12. Bas sam se iznenadila da je i ove godine zlatnu palmu uzeo azijski film, prosle godine Kradljivci.

  13. na samom vrhu mojih očekivanja sada stoji JOKER! javlja mi se da to manje od 4 ne može imati, a možda i nešto malko jače. 4+. 5-. videćemo, za oko mesec dana...

    1. Gule nemoj da ureknes i JOKER-a imao si visoka ocekivanja i od Lukine Suspirije i od Us Dzordan Pil-a pa su na kraju bili ispod tvojih ocekivanja ne znam za tebe ali ja sam oprezan kad su ocekivanja u pitanju

    2. Svi imamo velika ocekivanja od hoakina finiksa, ipak je to HOAKIN FINIKS, od njega se to ocekuje, nikakva ocekivanja nisamo imali od Hit Ledzera, bilo mi je nebulozno, da mali, plavi, nezni deckic uopste dobije ulogu Jokera , to niko nije ocekivao a ispade - fenomen. Volim Finiksa ali mislim da je Hit Ledzer neprejebiv.

    3. Bez obzira da li je u pitanju hoakin finiks ili HOAKIN FINIKS svejedno sam oprezan sa ocekivanjima

    4. Pametno. Ne verujemo nikom dok sami ne pogledamo...
      Na rts-u upravo ide Vinyan i na drugo gledanje je impresivan. Jedva cekam Adoration, sada mi to na samom vrhu ocekivanja.

  14. Ti si od mene mnogo strasniji konzument korejskog produkta, objasni mi - ja uopste nisam razumeo THE HOST. Prepoznao sam neke elemente nase komunisticko-patrijarhalne zajednice u tome kako je sve birokratski i razvuceno, ali mi uopste nije bila jasna kombinacija apsurdistickog humora i horora. Sta je tu njima smesno, i strasno? I kao da imaju potpuno drugaciju percepciju vremena. Sve je nekako usporeno.

  15. evo, MGW ti objašnjava (ja sam greškom obriso umesto da pustim ovaj komentar): Ako te je zbunio The Host, pogledaj tek prvi film istog režisera, Barking Dogs Never Bite, znači, i što se tiče humora i socijalne kritike (porodica, beskućnici, ćukodlaci itd.) In the nutshell, radi se o kinematografiji koja preferira, za zapadne oči, nešto duže trajanje filma, melodramu, i koja nema baš strogu žanrovsku disciplinu. Posebno u vezi Bonga, čiji je trademark miksanje žanrova i nešto crnji humor.

    Ima tu glupa gomila pojedinosti manje ili više povezani sa filmom, na primjer, parodiranje konfučijskog "Gunsabuilche" (king, teacher and father are one and the same), političke i poetičke aspiracije takozvane 386 Generacije, blaga subverzija monster-creature filma, ali i ovaj detalj, kao skica sveukupnog pristupa:

    ...in the brief sketch by Ahn Byung Sup of the history of Korean cinema from the 1910s to the 1980s. He claims that the prevalent emotional overtone in Korean cinema is sentimentalism, which is an expression of a national sentiment, han. Ahn characterizes han as a frame of mind or, better, an attitude—a sorrowful lament for persecution and a resignation to it. According to Ahn, sentimentality originated in Korea’s colonial past and was disseminated in Korea through the Japanese shinpa (shimpa in Japanese, literally meaning ‘‘new wave’’ but often referring to melodramatic tearjerkers), which was imported at the turn of the twentieth century. The satiric tradition in eighteenth-century Korean literature and performance art is replaced by sentimentalism, and the little humor that is found in Korean cinema of the 1950s and 1960s is a variation of sentimentality in the sense that it hinges upon the vilification and the subsequent punishment of the antagonist. Nancy Abelmann shares the same kind of methodology, although hers is more nuanced than Ahn’s. She attributes the prevalent melodramatic sensibility in Korean culture to the nation’s rapid historical transformation. Melodrama, broadly construed, provides one with both a mental framework with which to apprehend unpredictable social change and mobility and a vehicle with which ‘‘to dramatize issues central to rapidly changing societies.’’Underneath such parallel explanations, han functions like the Hegelian spirit, sustaining and propelling dominant cultural forms in Korea regardless of whether they are imported or indigenous.

  16. e claims that the prevalent emotional overtone in Korean cinema is sentimentalism, which is an expression of a national sentiment, han. -
    to mi je iskomunicirao, i taj ''han'' lici na nas samoupravni komunisticki i post-komunisticki mentalitet,

    ali pored toga, imam utisak kao da je u Host-u imao empatije prema cudovistu, kao da je i ono jadno zrtva socijalnog usuda. moze biti, filosofiram napamet, da je to zato sto u ondasnjoj istocnjackoj filozofiji - ne znam da l praktikuju Tao ili Budizam ili - ne postoji provalija izmedju coveka i zemlje kao u Gotici, pa se monstruoznost ne javlja kao abjection nego kao organski deo sveta... opet sa svim tim recenim nije mi jasno sta je tu njima STRASNO, zar se oni stvarno plase one jegulje?

    Teza o ''Hegelian spirit'' je the worst of Zizek. On svuda naprci dijalektiku gde god moze, a narocito voli evrocentricno da je natura drugim kulturama, gde Hegelijanski duh mora da udje u divljakovo telo i da ga civilizuje. Meni iz teksta proizilazi upravo suprotno - da su Koreanci vise u Spinozistickom majndfrejmu, barem sudeci po tome kako im je sve, i dobro i zlo, i smeh i uzas, u istom, imanentnom prostoru.

  17. Pa najveća bomba 2019 je THE IRISHMAN a ovde ga ni nema na listi cccc!
    Da citiram komentar ispod trejlera:'Finally some good movies again, jesus christ...its like waiting for rain in the desert these days' mislim ako je neko video onaj trejler i ostao indiferentan taj nikad ni nije bio filmofil.

  18. a smejali ste mi se kad sam reko za očekivanja od DŽOKERA! a eno ga, upravo je dobio zlatnog lafa u veneciji! ko se sad smeje, a?! hahahahahaha!

  19. Niko ti se nije smijao to je samo mjera opreza radi neispunjenih ocekivanja u proslosti a i pored zlatnog lafa u veneciji treba biti oprezan jer je i parazit dobio zlatnu palmu u kanu a ipak ti je "samo" jaka trojka

  20. pa nije to 'samo' - jaka trojka je već nešto što može imati gulov pečat preporuke. odatle pa nagore kreću veoma dobri filmovi.

  21. Znam ja da kod tebe jaka trojka ima pecat preporuke zato sam i stavio ove dvije crtice iznad samo ako mi DZOKER bude jaka trojka ja cu biti zadovoljan sve iznad toga me samo moze uciniti jos zadovoljnijim

    1. Joker zaista deluje kao nesto sto moze biti vrlo dobro, trejler deluje sjajno, uzeo je i ZL, ko zna...

  22. DŽOKER mi je dao ono što sam od njega očekivao, i ništa od onoga što su mu pojedini rivjueri zamerali. ne, ovo nije neodgovoran film, ovo je prilično pametan (mada ne genijalan) film.
    hoakim je pokidao, želim da budem prvi i da mu ovom prilikom čestitam oskara koga će dobiti.
    vrlo finih, prijatnih 4- (i gulov pečat, naravno).
    elaboracija sledi na blogu, uskoro.

  23. Dokumentarac MEMORY:ORIGINS OF ALIEN - nasred dokumentarca ljuta feministkinja objasnjava da su scene muskog silovanja i muske penetracije oslikavale KAZNU koju patrijarhat dozivljava zbog toga sto je uradijo zenama. Dok ona to govori, kamera pokazuje O'Banonov scenario u kome eksplicitno stoji: the crew is unisex.

  24. DZOKER: ocajnicki pokusaj da se otrcanoj, izvestacenoj, dosadnoj Marvel-mitologiji nasminka poza socijalne relevantnosti, al tragovi mu smrde necovjestvom: on jednostavno u beskonacnost reprodukuje marketing-liniju JEZIVI KLOVNOVI. I u toj svojoj ''ambiciji'' da kriticki preispita nihilizam, i to kao predstavnik industrije koja VALJA NIHILIZAM, jos je prazniji od ''autenticnog'' arthauza.

  25. THE HAUNT: Pristojan klovn-horor koji bar nema Dzokerove Oskarovske ambicije, nego se zadovoljava da bude prilicno jezivkast i krvav.

  26. BENEDETTA by verhoven je jedan mlitavi, starački, penzionerski, pešački film - školski primer francuskog istorijskog kostimiranog filma sa nešto malo golotinje i krvi kakav se svake godine prikaže na festu i zaboravi do sledeće.
    toliko je zaboravljiv da sam ga gledao još pre nedelju dana i sve zaboravim da bar ovde prijavim tu nebitnost. ne očekujte rivju jer evo zevam i spava mi se od same pomisli na taj film.