петак, 31. мај 2013.

Najočekivaniji NE-HOROR filmovi 2013.

            Prošlo je skoro pola godine, a ja još nisam okačio listu najočekivanijih NE-HORORA! Vreme je (bolje ikad nego nikad) da najzad predstavim svoj lični izbor novih nehororičnih naslova koje ću jedva dočekati da pogledam u ovoj ili narednoj godini. Neki od dolenavedenih su gotovi i već su imali premijere na raznim festivalima; neki su u postprodukciji, a par njih tek treba da počne snimanje. Poređao sam ih po redosledu moje nestrpljivosti, od filmova od kojih najviše očekujem pa prema onima koji verovatno neće biti remek-dela, ali ih, po svemu sudeći, ipak obavezno vredi pogledati. Ujedno podsećam da sam nailazeće HORORE na blogu već najavio u 4 nastavka, pa kome je to promaklo, može da potraži... 
            Za razliku od njih, NEHORORE ću obraditi u dva dela: u današnjem izboru nalaze se filmovi poznatih reditelja, na poznate teme, poznatih i atraktivnih naslova. U drugom delu predstaviću nešto opskurnije filmove za koje verovatno niste čuli osim ako pomno ne pratite izveštaje sa svetskih filmskih festivala.

Nymphomaniac - Lars von Trier
            A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating. With: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe...
        **** Tri sata fon Trira o ženama i sexu: explicitno, bezobrazno, mračno, mizantropsko, provokativno...

Only God Forgives - Nicolas Winding Refn
Nicolas Winding Refn returning to the screen with Ryan Gosling in ONLY GOD FORGIVES a crime movie set in Thailand and that Thai-boxing is involved.
**** Nadam se da ovaj nastavak neshvatljive fetišizacije Rajana Goslinga neće biti mlitavi ćorak kao precenjeni DRIVE nego povratak Refna u formu; kritike su podeljene, ima šanse da pukne, a možda je samo (opet!) neshvaćen, kao BRONSON i VALHALLA RISING. Videćemo već 14. juna kad zaigra u našim bioskopima, tj. na reviji filmova (Bg, NS, Niš).

The Dance of Reality - Alejandro Jodorowsky 
Life goes by like a dream — and sometimes a nightmare — in “The Dance of Reality,” an “imaginary autobiography” by legendary cult filmmaker (and self-proclaimed “psychomagician”) Alejandro Jodorowsky that marks the octogenarian Chilean helmer’s first feature in the 23 years since the barely released job-for-hire “The Rainbow Thief.” As purely personal a film as Jodorowsky has ever made, “Dance” features no shortage of the bizarro imagery and willful atonalities that have long been his stock-in-trade, but it all seems to stem from a more sincere, coherent place this time than in the flamboyant head movies (“El Topo,” “The Holy Mountain”) that made him a star of the 1970s midnight movie scene. By turns playful, tragic and surprisingly light on its feet, this welcome comeback — “rebirth” might be more in keeping with pic’s own spirit — should keep its maker fully booked on the fest circuit, with arthouse theatrical play also likely in key territories.
**** Snimljen na videu, s budžetom za šaku kikirikija, ovaj film teško da će moći da se meri sa Jodovim pravim bioskopskim ekstravagancijama – ali moguće je da je stari čarobnjak uspeo i štapom i kanapom da proizvede magiju! Ipak, spremite se za siroviju vizuelnost i jeftine cgi efekte.

Jodorowsky’s Dune
Founded on the iffy premise, raised here by Nicolas Winding Refn, that the combination of a cult book plus a cult director would have equaled a bigger-than-“Star Wars” worldwide sci-fi sensation, “Jodorowsky’s Dune” indulges one of film history’s more entertaining “what if” stories. Before David Lynch spectacularly botched a bigscreen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” Alejandro Jodorowsky, cinema’s shaman of psychedelia, had a spectacular go at the job. Nearly 40 years later, first-time director Frank Pavich attempts to re-create that vision (in our imaginations, at least). Expect fanboys to flip and minds to be blown over the highly entertaining result.
**** Fascinantna priča o masterpisu kome nije bilo suđeno da se desi.

Gravity - Alfonso Cuarón
Alfonso Cuarón's return to the science fiction genre with GRAVITY, a real-time thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, stranded in the blackness of space after their shuttle is destroyed.  As they slowly run out of air and hope, only a desperate maneuver can save them.
**** CHILDREN OF MEN je od mene imao (5-). Stoga, ovu Kuaronovu sf-dramu jedva čekam!

Spike Lee adapting a Korean movie in his remake of OLDBOY.
*** Ne volim Spajka, ne volim (današnje) rimejke, ali volim OLDBOJA. Zaintrigiran sam na šta će ovo da liči i proveriću to prvom prilikom. Džoš Brolin u glavnoj ulozi.

Neill Blomkamp's socio-political science fiction.
In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on Elysium – a Stanford torus space habitat in Earth orbit – while the rest live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. The people of Earth are desperate to escape the planet’s crime and poverty, and they critically need the state-of-the-art medical care available on Elysium – but some in Elysium will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve their citizens’ luxurious and carefree lifestyle. The only one with the chance to bring equality to these worlds is 36-year-old Max De Costa (Matt Damon), an ordinary man in desperate need to get to Elysium. With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces.
*** Za razliku od ostatka čovečanstva, nisam se primio na hajp DISTRICT 9, ali priznajem da je taj reditelj dovoljno intrigantan i da pokušava zanimljive, drugačije stvari (thinking man's SF?!), pa ću tako i ovo rado overiti.

Penance - Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Master mindfucker Kiyoshi Kurosawa is back with PENANCE, a four-hour episodic bit of craziness about a long-grieving mother visiting the schoolgirl chums of her murdered daughter, who may or may not have grown up to be emotional wrecks after witnessing the murder and not being able to help catch the killer.
*** Ovo je već sada gledljivo, ali na naporan način (online streaming): očekujem da uskoro postane dostupan na humaniji način, u boljoj rezoluciji.

Blind Detective
A serial-killer thriller wrapped in an unruly slapstick comedy with generous servings of food porn, “Blind Detective” is a deranged and delirious smorgasbord of a movie. Even devotees of Hong Kong genre master Johnnie To and his frequent collaborator, producer/co-writer Wai Ka-fai, may not be entirely sure what to make of this unusually demented romp, a madcap mystery-romance that sustains a light, bouncy tone and a decent hit-to-miss laff ratio even in scenes involving strangulation, dismemberment and cannibalism.
*** Šta reći, šta dodati? Gledaće se ovo ludilo!

Bong Joon-ho's upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer gives us our first look at some footage from the film.The movie is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. The cast also includes Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Ewan Bremner, Ed Harris... Snowpiercer is set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews.
*** Obećava vizuelnu raskoš, ako ništa drugo.

World's End - Edgar Wright 
The third and final film in Edgar Wright's unofficial "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy." Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back, along with other alumni of the trilogy, including the wonderful Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine. Rumor has it this one will lean toward sci-fi (as Shaun of the Dead covered horror, and Hot Fuzz was action).
*** Ovo je poslednja prilika koju dajem Rajtu i njegovim zvezdama da me ubede da nisu HOT FIZZLE, jer posle SHAUNA im je ama baš sve što su radili zajedno ili odvojeno bilo izrazito mediokritetsko i kilavo.

Paradise - Hope
What started as one film project with three stories developed into the Paradise trilogy. After premieres at Cannes (Love, 2012) and Venice (Faith, 2012), the third part, Hope (2013), is debuting at the coming Berlin Festival - meaning that Ulrich Seidl has scored a unique hat-trick.
Faith, hope and love do not guarantee happiness with the melancholy Austrian, who makes features and documentaries in more or less the same style, focusing on long, static shots of sombre, symmetrically shot spaces. Seidl’s subject is, as always, shocking. In Paradise: Faith, the Christian faith of an Austrian fundamentalist (regular Seidl heroine Maria Hofstätter), who sells statues of the Virgin Mary door to door, chastises herself and also professes her love of Jesus in a sexual way, clashes increasingly violently with the reactionary worldview of her Islamic, tyrannical and wheelchair-bound Egyptian husband. This earned the film the Special Jury Prize in Venice.
*** Drugi deo ove trilogije mi je bio u top-10 prošle godine, pa bi to lako moglo da zadesi i treći deo.

Dark Blood - George Sluizer
Long-married couple Buffy and Harry (Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce) travel through the desert in their Bentley, hoping to rekindle their relationship with a romantic weekend. When the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere they seem doomed. But then they get help from a young hermit called Boy (River Phoenix) who happens to live there. Their savior can easily drive them back to civilization but constantly delays doing so, to Harry's increasing chagrin. Instead, the couple get lecture after lecture on how rich white people have trampled the Earth and the local Native Americans. Worse, Boy has built a big shelter to await "the end of the world" and sees a future there for himself together with Buffy... Dark Blood is a movie that will stay with you; not only because of the extreme situation surrounding the film, but because it is an exceptionally visualized film, well produced with a captivating story.
*** Kada je snimljeno 80% ovog filma, daleke 1993. godine, River Feniks je umro; ovo je izmontiran postojeći materijal – najbliže što je uopšte fizički moguće zamišljenoj i planiranoj verziji (uz pomoć premošćavanja kroz fotografije i naraciju gde nedostaju scene).

Venus in Fur - Roman Polanski
As with his earlier “Carnage” and “Death and the Maiden,” “Venus in Fur” finds Roman Polanski transferring a New York stage hit to the screen with maximum fidelity and facility, and a minimum of fuss. Primarily a vehicle for Mrs. Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner, who engulfs the screen with a juicy comic performance that does full justice to a demanding role, this playful and literate rumination on the fine line between passion and perversity, pleasure and pain, life and art should draw the attention of discerning highbrow auds.
Mathieu Amalric stars as the writer, Thomas, who is coming to the end of a long and unproductive day of auditions when one last candidate (Seigner) blows in from the rain. Her name is Vanda, she claims, just like the character, though from her head-to-toe leather couture, studded dog collar and guttural accent, she neither looks nor sounds the part of an upper-crust 19th-century dominatrix. Oddly, Vanda’s name doesn’t even appear on the day’s call sheet, though she insists her agent told her to come. At first, Thomas doth protest, but the tenacious Vanda persists, and finally he agrees to let her read...
*** Polanski u ovom veku nije snimio ništa za antologiju, ali nije se ni jezivo brukao (za razliku od nekih drugi starih kajli) svojim okej-ali-zaboravljivim novijim delima. Sa kreditom koji je zaradio u 20. veku, zaslužio je da ga ispratimo do kraja, a ovaj konkretni zaplet čak i zvuči umereno obećavajuće.

Only Lovers Left Alive
A vampire movie by Jim Jarmusch! He tweaks the genre slightly in “Only Lovers Left Alive” to fit his own laid-back vibe, turning in a sweet but slight love story about world-weary hipster bloodsuckers. Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston have empathic chemistry as the leads, and the pic (acquired by Sony Classics at Cannes) is a smidge more commercial than Jarmusch’s meandering previous effort, “The Limits of Control.” But it still feels like an in-joke intended only for select acolytes.
*** Džarmuša ne mogu da smislim, mada je to više zbog iritacije koju mi prouzročuju njegovi obožavaoci a manje zbog samih filmova (koje sam, do sada, uglavnom izbegavao; istina, DEAD MAN od mene ima jaku trojku). Ipak, kad je već napravio vampirski film, skinuću mu embargo i overiti da vidim o čemu se tu radi.

            Za kraj, dva sasvim izvesno zabavna dokumentarca:

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology 
Žižek returns for another round of analyzing film clips while making your head simultaneously spin and hurt with THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY.

A Liar's Autobiography
Leave it to Graham Chapman, Monty Python's most subversive member, to narrate his own animated pseudo-biodoc, A LIAR'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, decades after his death.

--- U idućem nastavku: opskurni, slabo-izvikani, nepoznati a potencijalno VREDNI naslovi! ---

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  1. Pogledao sam prve tri epizode Penance (naknadno sastavljen i jednu cjelinu),i nije mi se nesto svidjelo pa sam odustao,makar dok se nepojavi u drugacijem izdanju,ima tu kvaliteta (K.K!)ali to mi je vise nesto na sta asians rezu vene,previse melodrame.

    Od Johnnie To ja tek cekam Drug War pa tek onda na red treba doci Blind Detective.Uglavnom njega nepropustam.

    Sto se tice rimejka Odlboya tu je lako biti skeptican posebno kad ga radi Spajk,ali eto 25th Hour mi ispade jedan od najbolji amera prosle decenije,pa ko zna.

    Za Jodo,LVT i NWR,pa i Zizeka,to se zna.Obavezno.

  2. The Dance of Reality nije sniman na videu vec na red epicu kao i vecina blockbustera danas...http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2301592/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec

  3. Da li je "pervert's guide to ideology" dostupan,ima na TPB i na par drugih mesta vec neko vreme file ali nisam bas stigao da proveravam je li legit,ako si stigao ganjati to ?

  4. viđao sam samo taj neki preveliki fajl od oko 1,9 gb pa nisam skidao, čekam nešto normalnije veličine.

  5. The Dance of Reality će moći da se gleda na Cinema Citiju u Novom Sadu od 21. do 28. juna. Zanimljivo da će biti prikazani i najnoviji filmovi Miikea i Sion Sonoa. Sudeći prema kritikama izgleda da su Jodorovsky i Sono snimili odlične filmove, dok je Mikeov osrednji.
    Program festivala još uvek nije kompletiran, pa se može očekivati još neko iznenađenje.

  6. možda dođem zbog jodorovskog; sonoa sam gledo i ODLIČAN je, a miike - šta od njega igra?

  7. Miike: "Mogura No Uta - Sennyû Sôsakan: Reiji"
    ili u festivalskom prevodu:
    "Doušnička pesma: tajni agent Reiđi"

    Sono: "Jigoku de naze warui"
    ili u festivalskom prevodu:
    "Zašto se ne igraš u paklu?"

    Radi se o akcionim jakuza filmovima, koji verovatno sadrže i satiru, ironiju, crni humor itd.
    Za sada jedini horor u najavi je Summer of Blood - vampirska horor komedija, koja mnogo ne obećava.


  8. Na ovogodišnjem CC-ju uspeo sam da odgledam 5 filmova.
    -Najbolji mi je Sonov kritički pogled na današnje medije i filmsku industriju, koji podsticanjem mediokritetizma kroz rijalitije omogućuju instant slavu totalnim anonimusima. Naravno, ovo se čita između redova prosute krvi pripadnika jakuza klanova (ali i članova filmske ekipe). (3+)

    -U sličnom miljeu (jakuza klanovi u borbi za tržište narkotika) odvija se i Miikeov "rolerkoster", međutim ne postiže neki dublji smisao, višeznačnost, dramatičnost, već ostaje na nivou zabavne akcione komedije. (3-)

    -Jodorowsky je posle godina apstinencije režirao igrani film, i to nadrealnu autobiografiju. Godine su, čini se, uticale da mu otupi revolucionarni duh a razvije se nostalgija i sentimentalna osećanja prema inače teškom detinjstvu, pa je ovo za standarde starog Jodorovskog prilično mlak film. (3-)

    -Prilično dobar neonoar "Vik i Flo su videle medveda" kanađanina Denis "Côtéa je potpuno drugačiji od prethodnih filmova, pre svega zbog sporog tempa i realističnosti. Ne dešava se mnogo toga do pred sam kraj, ali se svo vreme oseća "prisustvo opasnog medveda" u šumama koje okružujuje i čine mizanscen. (3)

    -Najslabiji od pet je danski film "Seks, droga i oporezivanje" (Christoffer Boe). Seksa i droge je jako malo da bi spasili ovaj biopic o nekom danskom bogatašu, koji je uz pomoć sposobnog advokata uspeo prvo da spasi svoju imovinu, a zatim i da je uveća. Kakvim se sve manipulacijama i mahinacijama ova dvojica bave tokom dvočasovnog "epskog spektakla" može da razume samo neko ko je diplomirao pravo ili barem menadžment (na državnom fakultetu). Mora da je isti takav stručnjak i pisao scenario za ovaj film. U celoj ovoj priči ja se divim samo mom strpljenju da ispratim ovaj film do kraja. (2)

    Rangirao sam filmove po Gulovoj standardnoj skali (1-5), ali su moje procene i ocene krajnje subjektivne, pa ih tako i shvatite.

  9. hvala na ovom osvrtu. sono i od mene ima nešto između 3+ i 4- a od jodorovskog ne očekujem više od mlake trojke. ipak, nisam uspeo da se dovučem do novog sada samo zbog tog jednog filma, pa ću morati još malo da ga sačekam...

  10. NGBoo-u se svideo The Dance of Reality Jodorovskog: