среда, 3. април 2013.


           Trećina godine već prođe, a ja još nikako da okončam sa ovim očekivanjima i nadanjima za 2013-tu! Ovde sam već izneo horor naslove od kojih najviše očekujem u ovoj godini, i to:

 (nezakazane i dalje premijere)

A sad, najzad, na kraju ali nikako najmanje važno – da vidimo šta nam još, osim pirinča, kuhaju braća sa dalekog Istoka, a pre svega tate, Japanci! Izlistani su po redosledu iščekivanja, odnosno po visini kvaliteta koju očekujem, od verovatno vrlo dobrih pa prema pretpostavljeno slabijim.  


THE COMPLEX - Nakata Hideo
Da naglasim: Nakatin RING smatram čistim remek-delom horora (p*e*t*i*c*a ko vrata!), njegov nastavak je znatno slabiji, ali okej (t*r*o*jka), a neznatno jači mi je DARK WATER (3+). I to je sve. Ostatak opusa mu je neujednačen, osrednji ili čak vrlo slab. Onaj njegov KAIDAN je nešto najdosadnije što sam ikad video s potpisom nekog relevantnog J-reditelja, a TOKYO LABIRYNTH 3D je negledljiva detinjarija za tinejdžere i nedorasle ljubitelje vašara. Međutim! Njegov najnoviji horor obećava povratak starih kvaliteta – rivjui su prilično dobri, i recimo da bi ovo možda moglo da se popne do 3+ po mojoj skali. Evo šta kažu stranjci:
The horror master of Ring leaves Hollywood and goes back to his roots. Back to Japan and the now classic J-horror which he invented. Sweet and innocent girl discovers the secret of the room beside hers. After a series of American remakes, things were fairly quiet on this front, but with the oppressive film The Complex, Nakata is back on familiar territory.
The student nurse Asuka has moved with her parents and little brother to an apartment in a fairly dilapidated building. It’s a deserted, quiet spot. The neighbour shies away from any form of contact. At night, he keeps Asuka awake with exasperating, scratching sounds. Her family doesn’t seem to notice at all. In addition, it is impolite to complain to the neighbours if you’ve just moved in somewhere. Yet the girl sets off alone to investigate. Entirely in accordance with the laws of the genre, this starts off a terrifying sequence of events that severely try Asuka’s mental state. It's a refined, cleverly made and very entertaining 'haunted-house' film...

LESSON OF THE EVIL (Aku no kyoten) - Takashi Miike
Miike se vraća splateru! Jupiiii! A što je još slađe, to nije akcioni ili samurajski, nego psiho-triler-horor splater! Hell yeah! Ovo bi mogla biti barem fina trojka... Tematika se tiče učeničkog i studentskog nasilja, što u svetlu sve češćih pucnjava i klanja po američkim školama može malkice usporiti dolazak ovog filma na zapad – ali pre ili kasnije, a do kraja godine svakako, ovo bi moralo da procuri i do nas... Evo šta veli VARAJETI:
Putting aside problems of grammar, Takashi Miike's "Lesson of the Evil" is nothing more than a slick slasher pic of debatable merit, except to die-hard fans of the genre. Miike has of course never been one to bother with the finer points of taste, let alone decency, yet given recent history, there's something particularly troubling about a gleeful gorefest that climaxes with high-school students being mowed down by a psychopath. Perhaps making the perp their teacher allows enough differentiation to comfort those involved, though others should be more dubious. Miike keeps churning 'em out, and fests keep slotting 'em in. The cult helmer is firmly in splatter mode, more in line with "Fudoh: The New Generation" and "Audition" than his more restrained (for him) recent pics.

TALK TO THE DEAD - Norio Tsuruta

Od reditelja prilično dobrih filmova RING 0: BIRTHDAY, KAKASHI, PREMONITION...
Having lost her beloved father at an early age, Yuri lives with her mother and younger brother. Yuri's mother meets a new man, but they are deeply in debt and forced to leave their home. Yuri is then forced to take a job as a call girl to support her brother. One day Yuri's brother becomes ill but since Yuri has to work, she unwillingly leaves him at home. When she returns, she finds him dead in the bathtub. Her heart is scarred with regret and she suffers with a pain that will never go away. After some time has passed, Mayu, a colleague of Yuri's, tells her about a mysterious mobile app that is rumored to enable its user to talk to the dead. Yet, it comes with a warning: Never reply if the dead soul says, "I want to see you." Because she blames herself for her brother's death and will do anything to tell him how sorry she is, Yuri downloads the app and reaches out to her dead brother. Meanwhile, the app's users begin to die.

CULT - Kôji Shiraishi

          Od reditelja filmova NOROI, GROTESQUE, A SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN: sekte, apokalipsa, 'bogovi' se vraćaju, ljudima odzvonilo itd.
Popular idols Mari, Mayuko, and Yu investigate an exorcism for a television show. The exorcist, Unsui, possesses incredible psychic powers. His subjects are the Kaneda family, a single mother and her daughter who experience paranormal activities night after night. However, Unsui finds the demon to be very strong and requests help from another exorcist. During the struggle, Unsui is hurt and needs to be transported to the hospital. The demon terrorizing the Kaneda family pretends to be exorcised, but visits Unsui in the hospital, and kills him, despite Unsui's last efforts to fight. The paranormal terror continues and though frightened, the idols continue the investigation, as an even greater evil lurks in the shadows. Their only hope is to turn to an unconventional ghost hunter who seems reckless and dangerous himself.

7500 - Takashi Shimizu

Ovo je na listi samo zbog Šimizua, koji možda izvuče nešto iz toga, mada trejler ne obećava mnogo.
On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routine but what transpires over the next ten hours is anything but ordinary. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin.

THE EYES OF JUKAI - Marc Wilkinson

            Još jedan FFF, ali ovaj je o Ameru koji traži Đavola u čuvenoj japanskoj šumi samoubica podno planine Fudži...
Video blogger Stephen McKinney has been traveling across Japan in search of haunted places for thrills and excitement. For his next trip, Stephen travels to the infamous Jukai - the 'cursed' suicide forest at the base of Mt. Fuji. He soon discovers a series of security cameras placed in the forest, along with abandoned tents and strange footprints. What begins as a fun adventure, soon becomes a race against time. Stephen must now uncover the mystery behind these items, before he too suffers the same unknown fate. This film is presented through a collection of found footage; including the enigmatic security cameras - the eyes of Jukai.

Još jedna J-varijacija na BATTLE ROYALE – neće to dobaciti do Rojalove petice, ali možda bude trojka...
All seniors at a high school stay together at a camp, including student Chinatsu (Rie Kitahara). On their first day, the homeroom teacher announces that all the students must play the card game "Old Maid". In order to reverse the declining academic abilities of its younger generation, the Japanese government planned this camping program. In this card game, the students that lose will meet their deaths.

NO ONE LIVES - Ryuhei Kitamura
Ovaj gastarbajterski USA rad kritika je sa'ranila, ali izgleda da je zabavan barem u smislu treša i rasporenih trbuha, te, kako kažu, jedne od najdužih scena tuširanja u istoriji filma!
Versus director Ryuhei Kitamura pitting kidnappers against backwoods clans against who knows what else, with an appropriately high body count. The director of Versus and Midnight Meat Train is back delivering gorehounds another horror film with a slew of stylized kills and set pieces in No One Lives. Although Kitamura gives fans kills that will induce cheers of excitement, the real problems are the script, which is a mess, and the asinine staccato dialogue delivery that tries to pass itself off as intense acting. Jampacked with atrocious dialogue, line-readings that come off like botched takes, and decrepit pacing that makes this film, which barely runs eighty minutes, seem endless. Damn near everything about the film other than the gory murders is half-assed. I've got to admit that at least on some weird trashy level 'No One Lives' occasionally works.  When there's some bonkers murder scene going on, or when the killer is running around naked and smeared with blood it approaches entertaining purely through B-movie audacity. But make no mistake it's an absolutely atrocious film on almost every level


       Kako da čovek ne usklikne SRBIJA DO TOKIJA kad otkrije da se na japanskom (kosooka) baba/veštica kaže - Kôsoku bâba!? Ovo deluje kao jedva 3- ali, tko zna...
'Jersey Girl' is a minor idol group comprised of three members, Ayane, Nanami, and Mayuko, who host a television show about the paranormal. For their next assignment, the girls visit an abandoned nursing home deep in the mountains. The premise of the show is to test the girls' courage, with the bravest girl winning. Video recorder in hand, Ayane is the first to set foot into the forsaken complex. As she enters a room and approaches a bed, she feels an unexplainable presence. Though she survives, her nightmare is just about to begin.
The terror is real and though the girls think this is just another job, they are in for a reality-altering experience with no safe escape guaranteed. The girls not only struggle with the paranormal but also with each other, as animosity has grown between the 'Jersey Girl' members. The haunting repercussions of entering the abandoned building only worsen when the spirits feed off the jealousy and poison they carry in their hearts for each other. Will the girls band together and uncover the truth about the abandoned nursing home or will the ghosts they have awakened consume their souls?

            A za žderače japanskog TREŠA, tu su TOILET OF THE DEAD i...
            Ko bi drugi od silovanja pravio zajebanciju nego Japanci? I ne samo to, nego i ceo serijal ovoga!

Toliko što se tiče Japanaca. Evo šta zanimljivo nude OSTALI Azijati:


            HORROR STORIES
            Pet južnokorejskih reditelja, već okušanih u solidnim hororima, potpisuje ovaj omnibus. Njega već sada možete skinuti, ali trenutno je dostupan samo slabunjavi Gugl prevod, a gre'ota je ovo gledati s time...

Five directors are gathered to tell their own horror stories. A high school student is kidnapped by a killer with speech disorder and has her life on the line. To survive, she tells him the scariest stories she knows; starting with "Sun and Moon", a story of eerie things happening in a house with a  brother and sister who are waiting for their mother, "Horror Flight" in which a air attendant and a serial killer is left alone in an airplane up in the air, "Kong-jwi, Pat-jwi" a cruel 2012 version of an arrogant natural beauty Kong-ji and greedy fake beauty Park-ji, and "Ambulance" in which the survivors in a city filled with a deadly virus suspect each other of being infected in an ambulance.


MISS LOVELY - Ashim Ahluwalia
Trejler više deluje kao za dramu nego za horor, ali dobro, biće valjda barem meta-horor!
An exciting thriller in retro style about Mumbai’s underworld of sex horror films in the 1980s. The naïve Sonu, one of two brothers running a dirty movies studio, dreams of launching his mistress, a mysterious new actress, into mainstream film.
Mumbai in the 1980s: the brothers Vicky and Sonu make soft-porn horror films, supplying the city's growing underground market. Sensitive Sonu, his conscience burdened by the work, is pressed on by Vicky, the ‘brains’ of the outfit, through a world of illegal trafficking, sex parties, police corruption and dangerous mobsters.
The appearance of the beautiful ‘debutante’ Pinky in the run-down warehouse that is used as a film studio turns the brothers’ lives upside down as the naïve Sonu falls in love and takes irresponsible risks to finance a romantic mainstream film for his muse.
Originally planning a documentary on the topic, director Ahluwalia - known for his remarkable documentary John & Jane - meticulously investigated Mumbai’s exploitation film industry and effectively incorporates the C-grade type of reels of the 1980s into this engaging and violent retro thriller.